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Abundant Grace and Charm's Founder and Director

Sheryl L. Abernathy

Etiquette Consultant and Tea Specialist Sheryl L. Abernathy is the owner of Abundant Grace and Charm, a company dedicated to the fundamentals of kindness and the joy of afternoon tea. Sheryl believes that the basic principles of etiquette, namely, kindness and respect for self and others, serve as the foundation for living life consistent with “the golden rule” of treating others as you want to be treated. Believing that children and adults learn best when they are having fun, she artfully uses afternoon tea and business dining to infuse fun into the process of understanding the basics of business and social etiquette. In addition to her years as an etiquette consultant and tea specialist, Sheryl has more than twenty years leadership and management experience in both the public and private sectors in areas focused primarily on technology support, customer service and communications. Sheryl enjoys serving others through her church and community. Through her work with this company, Sheryl is committed to developing minds by increasing awareness of the tenants and principles of etiquette, creating memories by establishing positive, interactive events and learning environments and preserving manners by teaching practical ways in which learners can apply the rules of etiquette to their daily lives. Sheryl holds a Bachelor of Science degree, from The Ohio State University, Max M. Fisher College of Business, and is certified as both an etiquette consultant and a tea specialist. A life-long Ohio resident, she currently lives in Pickerington, Ohio.

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