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Each Day an Opportunity
An Attitude of Gratitude




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From the Abundance of the Heart...

Each Day an Opportunity

Every day is filled with opportunity.  And with opportunity comes choice.  The difficulty of choice is to be cognizant that it is there. 
Most of the time we breeze through the day never paying attention to the myriad of choices that we make. 
In each moment we can choose our behavior, our thoughts, our responses.  
We can choose to be sorrowful or joyful. 
We can choose to bear a grudge or forgive. 
We can choose to be gruff or to be patient.  
We can choose to be a rebel or comply.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Today I am simply thankful.  Nothing more, nothing less - just thankful.  And my thankfulness has absolutely nothing to do with my circumstances - and I am thankful for that too!
I am thankful for the kindess of a virtual stranger who emailed me a wonderful and thoughtful blessing when I made inquiry regarding a training course.
I am thankful for the joy of sharing a laugh with my cor-worker.
I am thankful for the job that allows me to have a wonderful co-worker.
I am thankful for my mind and all the thoughts and memories that it holds.