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Our Enrichment Programs
In addition to our Etiquette Training Programs and our Tea Parties, we offer the following programs based upon the ritual of tea. 
Women's Abili-Tea Series
Women's Abili-Tea Series
This series utilizes the comfortable tea-time setting to explore, share and enrich.
During these 90 minute sessions you can relax, unwind and receive practical information and useful tips. Learn to enhance your life and leave your mark on the world in the areas of: AccountabiliTea SereniTea
HospitaliTea CreativiTea SimpliciTea and ProsperiTea
2011-2012  Girl Scout Program
2011-2012 Girl Scout Program
Meet the requirements of the Manners Try-It in this fun-filled seminar! During this 90 minute session, girls will learn:

The History of tea, Basic Table Setting for Dinner and Afternoon Tea, Afternoon Tea - Menu - Manners and TeaWare (and how to use them all), How to be a fabulous Afternoon Tea Hostess and the responsibilities of the Afternoon Tea Guest

Then we’ll wrap it all up with “Your Turn!”, where the girls will apply all that they have learned with an exquisite mini-afternoon tea party!

Seminar Cost: $12 per participant - includes herbal tea, cookies/tea cake, all materials and use of china tea setting and accessories (Try-Its not included.)

Min. # Participants: 8 Max. # Participants: 16

Seminar is held at your location or ours. If we service your location,please allow time before and after for set-up and clean-up.

To Schedule or Request an Information Sheet:
Call Sheryl Abernathy by telephone at (614) 404-9995, or by email at Sheryl@agcmanners.com